KIM DAY:  Kim Day has been teaching group fitness for over eight years and is also a personal trainer with her own successful business. Kim is a certified Insanity and Body Attack instructor, as well as being certified for Kettlebell AMPD and the newest fitness craze POUND. She believes fitness should be FUN and something you look forward to. You'll love her fun mix of music and moves in her sweat-dripping workouts!  

Available for Group fitness only.

 Denise Harris is a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and mat Pilates instructor. She's also the founder of Yellow Optimist Fitness, her personal fitness business. Originally from Atlanta, Denise moved to Tennessee shortly before graduating high school and has lived in each region of the state. Her approach to fitness is one that recognizes the transformative power of living a healthy and active lifestyle. Ask her why she works out and her answer will be "to build and maintain mental, emotional, and physical strength." Denise is driven by the opportunity to help you be the best you possible. She's excited to share her passion for fitness with the New Start Fitness family!

Katy Hammac: My journey started 13 years ago. I was in a very low place in life, going thru a divorce and no family near me. A friend told me about a class called Butts & Guts at a local gym....I was like hmmm that sounds interesting maybe I'll try it! Of course fear set in and thoughts of " will I be made fun of " or " can I make it thru the class" and many more thoughts creeped in my mind. BUT I finally tried it and so glad that I had the courage to try because I've been hooked on fitness ever since!
Fast forward to 2018, I have remarried and found true happiness! We all know when we get happy & comfortable....well, our weight begins to creep up, at least mine did. I'm lucky to have a husband who loves me for me, BUT I started not loving myself or the way I looked in pictures or how my clothes fit. So, I made a change!! I found a trainer who pushed me beyond what I never thought was possible and yes I cried many times because I hurt or I didn't think I could! But, he believed in me and saw something in me that I could never see. Folks, he built a MACHINE!! I love being sore because I know I worked for that & have worked past the fear & doubt. Yes, I still have days that laziness and doubt set in, but I try to push through it and I'm glad that I do, because I always feel better! I am still a work in progress and I always will be because I want to continue to get better and stronger!! My hope is to encourage you to get out there and try something new and have fun doing it!! And lastly, trust the process!

Hi! My name is Jessica Chandler. I am a Certified ACE (American Counsil on Exercise) Personal Trainer. I am a wife and a mother to a beautiful 11 year old daughter and a spunky/loving 8 year old son. I love being outside, running, dancing, football, and most importantly spending time with my family! "Our Strength Grows Out Of Our Weaknesses." This has been my motto along my own health/fitness journey. A few years ago I reached a point in my life where I needed a change and although as a mom, you already feel like a role model. I wanted my children to also see me as an inspiration because they are watching even when we don't think they are. My journey has been filled with a lot of sweat, tears, struggles, motivation, achievements but the best part has been the passion for this lifestyle that I have gained along the way. There is nothing more fulfilling then to get the privilege to be a part of someone else's journey, to give others the knowledge and inspiration they need to not only transform physically but mentally as well. This is why I couldn't be more excited about being a part of the New Start Fitness family!

Group fitness and personal trainers

Cammie Lawton has been practicing yoga for the last 3 years. She was certified in Buti in 2016 and will finish her 200 hr RYT in July 2018. In her daily life, she is a high school English teacher at West High.

Katie Wallace: I am a dog mom of 2, work in logistics/inventory. Literally my only hobby is working out [😅] . But I also enjoy working on home improvement projects and cooking.

Katie teaches POUND on Monday nights and brings loads of energy and fun.  Come see her!