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Our reason why...
We wanted to give a little insight as to why we opened New Start Fitness, Inc. A few years ago, I was the most out of shape I had been in my life. I was obese and had high blood pressure that required a hefty dose of medicine to control. I decided I had to do something if I wanted to have a better quality of life and see my kids grow. Since that time I have lost about 50 lbs and no longer require blood pressure medicine. I know what it feels like to struggle with weight and have to make good food choices and exercise every single day. This is why New Start Fitness wanted to give people a place to get fit and healthy with no contracts or outrageous fees. We are a small, local, family owned business. We wanted a place where people feel comfortable on their fitness journey with no judgement. Always remember the first class is FREE! Start your journey with New Start Fitness today!!!!

Our goal is to find new ways for people to get fit.  We have 2,000 sq ft of space for group fitness classes in Knoxville, personal training, and more.  No contracts, no commitment, no requirements.

If you are a personal trainer looking for a place to train your clients, we have the space for you.  If you are looking for a personal trainer without the contract commitment, we have the place for you.  We will connect you with a trainer that best fits your needs.  

We offer group fitness classes, and personal training for the whole family. We want the whole family to be involved and encourage you to get fit together!